Frisbee: Software Engineer

London, England, United Kingdom · Frisbee


The Opportunity

We are in need of a product-focused full-stack Engineer, who either is confident across our technology stack of Python (back-end) and Javascript/React (front-end), or has competency in one and a desire/confidence in learning the other quick-smart!

This opportunity is for a disruptive peer review and development platform that we’ve built within Founders Factory, called Frisbee. This is a product that delivers tangible value to its users, sits in a huge market and with the right conditions can raise financing from top venture funds.

The Business

Frisbee uses a conversational interface to gather workplace feedback, support personal career development and ultimately give employees a "living curriculum vitae” that isn't buried in corporate systems, but is owned by each employee and can be taken with them to future jobs.

The product helps individuals learn about their own strengths through an anonymous peer review algorithm, and then creates intelligent recommendations on how best to improve and ultimately achieve career goals. And the data on the employee is owned by the individual, fundamentally changing the traditional approach to gathering peer feedback in the workforce.

The Role

You will be working exclusively on an existing product at a ‘V1’ stage of development, with a prioritised backlog of user stories groomed and ready for you to hit the ground running from your day one.

To begin with, your day-to-day will be working through this backlog, however as you are the first employee of our exciting new tech startup and will be working in close quarters alongside the two non-technical founders that will be taking the business forward, you’ll never be simply a ‘mere’ employee.

In fact, you will be integral to our ability to meet the requirements of our early pilot users (large corporates) in the short-term - yes, your effort will be seen by others in the real world! - and your technical and product contributions will influence the direction the product takes in the medium/long-term, so passion for what Frisbee is aiming to achieve will go a long way.


You look like someone who definitely:

And maybe even has (for bonus points!):


This is an opportunity to work right at the early stage of a massively disruptive business within one of the most exciting incubator/accelerators in the UK.

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